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What is Black Jazz

Black Jazz is an online magazine dedicated to the
promotion of  
jazz musicians of color, and companies and
organizations that either promote jazz musicians of color
or any
artist or news
pertaining to jazz in the African American

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How Much Does It Cost?

Distribution for all three of the above services is only $45. This
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Additional Optional Services.

We do offer a writing service for those who prefer us to write
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Important Information Regarding Press Release Services

You should be aware that the landscape for press releases has
changed over the past few years and their use as offered by
many press release services- averaging $150 and up- are no
longer as effective. With the advent of Facebook and other
social media platforms, traditional press releases share a much
more crowded online universe.    

What Does This Mean For You?


More than ever, your best chance to get your news or story
noticed and shared once we have published it, is to make it
interesting! For example,announcements about an artist playing
at XYZ club should not be the primary driver but the
icing on
your release. Please review our latest stories for ideas at

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