Thursday, January 18, 2018

Lauryn Hill's Sax Man is a
Poster Child for Modern
Black Male Artists

-- Brent Birckhead enjoys the bright lights on stage not as a
singer or rapper, but by playing his horn --

Black Jazz News Staff

Brent Birckhead

Too often, young black men feel their options in music are limited
to rapping, singing or DJ'ing. We have lived in a world of
electronic music for the past 35 years where many in our culture
have never even heard a clarinet, French horn or live drum
performance on the radio. But thanks to artists like hip-hop
legend Lauryn Hill, who are staunch supporters of live musicians
in their concerts, there is a creative alternative to expression in
pop culture-- playing an instrument.  

Brent Birckhead is proof positive that careers playing an
instrument on the big stage is a viable option for creative black
men. First, Brent is cool as hell. If you saw him without his horn
you might think he was some sort of celebrity. And as Lauryn
Hill's saxophone player, and a star on the up and coming
Steps TV Show pilot on Amazon, you could say he is. But most
importantly, the 30 year old Baltimore native can play his ass off.
His mastery on the alto sax allows him to pay homage to the
historic styles of jazz such as bebop and modern, but he can
also kick back and pocket with the rest of the horn section in
concert with the former Fugee icon, Hill.

The life of a musician in the music game is something many
aspiring young brothers should take note of. Brent travels
worldwide expressing himself on his horn, just like a rapper or
singer who uses words. He does it before thousands of engaged
fans at packed venues. To say it simply, Brent Birckhead
is a hip
hop artist and without he and the other live musicians, Hill's
music could not hit you the way it does. So young brothers,
consider adding to your skills by picking up a horn to make your
dreams come true.

Check out Brent in concert with Lauryn Hill here:
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