Thursday, January 18, 2018

A Tribe Called Quest Meets
Art Blakey and Mickey Bass

-- A little back story about the jazz musicians behind A Tribe
Called Quest's song 'Excursions' --

Black Jazz News Staff

A Tribe Called Quest

It is a well known fact that hip hop artists often pay homage to
great black jazz musicians by incorporating samples of their
music in their songs and in their everyday lives-- just check out A
Tribe Called Quest leader Q-Tip last week on
Instagram playing
serious jazz around the house as he rails against the Grammy's
ridiculous snub last week. That travesty aside, who are often
never written about when it comes to hip hop samples are the
instrumental musicians from whom the samples are made.

One such sample is Mickey Bass's "A Chant for Bu" used in A
Tribe Called Quest's song "Excursions" from their 1991 Platinum
album "Low End Theory". "A Chant for Bu" was written by
Mickey Bass when he was the bass player for the legendary
group Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers. The song was
named after Blakey who was affectionately called "Bu"- short for
his Muslim name  Abdullah Ibn Buhaina. "A Chant for Bu" was
recorded in 1973 on the Messenger's album "Buhaina".

Therefore, the next time  you are grooving to "Excursions", you
are actually grooving to these legendary Black Jazz musicians:
Art Blakey, Mickey Bass, Cedar Walton, Woody Shaw,Carter
Jefferson,Tony Waters, and Michael Howell. This also means
that A Tribe Called Quest's platinum release brought the sounds
of these musicians into the homes of millions of people--
millions more than they would have ordinarily been exposed to.

Bass, now 74, is one of the few jazz legends still around and he
is currently keeping very busy starring in the new jazz sitcom
Giant Steps TV Show (Pilot) out on Amazon.
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